Lost but now, found…

i question myself whether I should really continue my Fashion Apprenticeship. I do have the oppurtunity but why don’t I have the heart for it.

That’s why I consulted Mamita. I consider her as one of the many moms that I look up to. Through her, I found happiness, passion and peace within myself and I constantly ask myself: “Where do I see myself in 5 to 10 years?“. Always remember that concerning about your goals in life. That’s why I highly discourage bumming after graduation. That’s why you should work hard now and reap your rewards after.

One reason why I will not accept the apprenticeship now is because I’m just starting to take my role in the family business and taking that apprenticeship is like going back to the start. I’ll be doing so many things and I’m just starting with all of them I must build a strong and good foundation before branching out to other things and one example would be the apprenticeship. My mind says go for it but my heart says no. They should be one to ensure success. I want to take an opportunity but without doubt.

I want to share this with you because there will be times that we do loose ourselves but that is normal. We start to become better people that way through these problems if we learn from them.




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3 responses to “Lost but now, found…

  1. Yasmine Moeller

    do what feels right nike 🙂 trust your instinct 🙂

  2. hi nike. i don’t think we can avoid not having doubts. at some point, naa jud na siya, pero don’t let it consume you. 🙂

    God bless nimo and sa imong mga decisions. weeeee.

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