Ohaiyo Nihon – My Japan Trip: Day 2 – Part 2

After the Ingress, we decided to find our way to Akihabara. It is known for its cheap electronics well since their technology is constantly evolving or/and innovating. But recently,  Akihabara has become the center of “otaku” and “moe” culture, with its store specializing in comics and hobby goods as well as a number of “maid cafes.”

So, this would be my first time riding the subway in Japan on our way to Akihabara. We were given instructions so basically, if we do get lost. Good luck to us. And another thing, their trains are so clean compared to the ones in Manila, I really hope that if the government here in the Philippines will be planning to put a train system in Cebu, please try to keep it clean.

And we are here. Ohaiyo AKIHABARA!!!

I just couldn’t resist to take a picture of this for the people back home. And would you believe that is a Mini Cooper with a Red Bull on its back. 😀

So, these are the “Maid Cafes” that they are talking about.

I can’t believe that Gundam has their own Cafe. Ever since I was a kid, I still remembered when my Uncle gave me one, I was hooked. I really wanted to get in but there was this long line. So, next time.

Sayonara Akihabara. I will be seeing you again…

So, this ends my Day 2 of my Japan trip, there is more to come especially when I meet my highschool friend, Saki and when we go to Harajyuku.




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2 responses to “Ohaiyo Nihon – My Japan Trip: Day 2 – Part 2

  1. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

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