Ohaiyo Nihon – My Japan Trip: Day 2 part 1

So, this will be officially be my first day in Japan. The building right behind me, Hotel Ibis is where I am staying. Hotel Ibis is found in Roppongi, Tokyo. It is considered as part of their Tokyo Midtown and Night Life District but for A Class. I love the fact that it is 45 minutes away from the exhibit venue, Tokyo Big Sight. Whether it would be taxi or by train, I would highly recommend taking the train cause you save more than 50% rather than taking the taxis, very expensive.

One amazing fact out about these transparent umbrellas of theirs is that they are disposable. I bet in the Philippines, it would not be.

I see these statues placed around the city. I really wanted to know more about them but apparently, the description or history behind these statues were in Japanese. So far, there is this one statue that I want to see is the National Japanese Dog, Hachiko‘s statue that is found in one of the trains stations found in Shinjuku.

Hello, beautiful…

Another reason why there is barely any traffic is majority of the population commutes whether it would be bus, bikes, train or a walk. The best thing about is that it makes them fit and healthy. And I find it very stylish to see the men in suits riding in bikes…;D

This is just one side of the exhibit center, Tokyo Big Sight. Don’t worry, I will be showing more pictures of how huge this place later on as I start to take the train going there.

Very useful. One of the best purchases I have ever made was this FabManila bag. One tip, whenever you are traveling, always bring with you a hand carry bag wherever you go and this bag is one good example. It is very classy and the best part about it is it is made in the Philippines. We, Filipinos must start to embrace our Filipino products. How else can we help grow our economy.

This is a very interesting broom. It looks like a witches’ broom or a broom used for the Harry Potter Movies. They use bamboo twigs and it is very effective in cleaning.

Their architecture here in Japan is very well thought off just one example is by giving it an angle making more use of daylight thus lessening electrical usage. And later on, when I show you the skyline, no brown smog in sight.

This is just one part of the day. I couldn’t add everything in one post because there is just so much to show you…




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3 responses to “Ohaiyo Nihon – My Japan Trip: Day 2 part 1

  1. ganahan ko sa umbrella! 😮
    btw, naa lagi pack sa sigarilyo sa may statue? ahahaha.

  2. yep. saw it sa head sa statue. hahaha!!! 🙂

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