Ohaiyo Nihon – My Japan Trip: Day 1 or 1/2

Finally, I’m on my way to Japan. I was getting bored watching Tim Burton’s version of Alice of Wonderland and I was getting frustrated reading my Men’s health Magazine because there was no gym so I decided to look outside of my window and just look at the clouds.

I was once told to find beauty in the ordinary and I applied that philosophy. Looking at this cloud right below. It reminded me of Aggrabah from the Disney movie, “Alladin”.

This reminded of the beach. I was imagining those flying whales from Disney’s “Fantasia 200”. Just flying around so gracefully.

Everything was going smoothly from departure from Cebu to the arrival in Narita Airport until I reach the immigration. THEY PLACE me on HOLD! On the immigration booth, I answered every question truthfully and honestly. And then all of the sudden, the officer got this paper and started writing down on things then suddenly another officer got me away from the booth, interviewed me again and place in the waiting room. As much as possible, I stayed calm or else who knows what could have happen. I was even scared that they might deport me or something. My colleagues were totally wondering why I was taking too long and Thank GOD! They let me go. I was calm the whole time but my face showed I was panicking because it turned red and everything was laughing at me because I looked like tomato in the boiler getting ready to pop. sigh. What a way to begin my trip.

I found out that they are very cautious with Filipinos entering Japan because they have this reputation that they come to Japan and stay longer even when their visa has expired. I can totally understand why they would want to stay longer here.

The Tokyo tower. I really want to go there. One of its spectacles is an aquarium!

I was really trying hard to take pictures of the people but the Japanese are very shy and they like the privacy. It is really part of their culture.

My first ramen that I ate in Japan. It was really good but it was one of their fast food chains and what I really wanted are those tiny ramen shops like in “Ramen Girl” You would actually be amazed that the prices in Japan are almost the same as that in the Philippines. It is not as expensive as you think as long as you really explore.

Everybody here has such beautiful bikes but this one. I really want to get. Japan is so disciplined that if you leave your bike outside. It will not be stolen.

So, that was the first day or half day of my Japan trip. I will be posting very soon But for now, good night.




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3 responses to “Ohaiyo Nihon – My Japan Trip: Day 1 or 1/2

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  2. i’m sure you had fun maskin klaro nga gi kapoy ka sa imong photos. 🙂
    looking forward for the part two. :p

    • I was really tired but I didn’t allow that to stop me from enjoying Japan…:)

      Thanks Athena. People like you are one of the reasons why I write…:D

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