N. Profiles: Gillian Stepanie Uang

I’m trying to remember where I met this beautiful girl, Gillian Stephanie Uang. I think I met her through her boyfriend or maybe through Jaye. She is really amazing cause she has this online clothing shop, Details ByDetails. It is definitely gaining popularity.

I really love meeting people like her because she is very career-orientated , focus, determined especially in her Interior Design Course which is she taking in the College of Fine Arts in the University of San Carlos – Talamban and of course, she is bringing all of this with style…

Gillian Stephanie Uang (in her own words)

Gillian Stephanie Uang is someone who wants everything in order. She has an organizer with her wherever she goes (either her itouch or her tiny notebook). She is an aspiring Interior Designer who is about to face her biggest problem –THESIS and a not so secretly Fashion Addict. She cherishes the people in her life and tries her best to make them feel special all the time. She is a crazy shopper but a very composed woman – well, at least she tries to be. She loathes sneakers just because she can never look good in them and adores vintage quirky pieces. Gillian is pretty harmless and goes with the flow as long as it does not go aboard her principles in life. She tries her best to get the best…

Describe your Personal Style..

My personal style keeps evolving! I discovered back in high-school that I was a girly girl, I remembered during high-school while everyone wore sneakers to our Ed tour I was one of the few who stuck with my ballet flats ! I constantly look for inspiration in everything. Back then when I was adjusting to my style I’d do a lot of extreme things. I even cut my hair short into a bob with heavy MOD BANGS. Everything was trial and error and I eventually found my style. I get my inspiration From magazines, to random blogs ,from the streets, to interior homes and random people who inspire me. Over the years, I’ve learned to edit my whole look, and how to mix and match modern and vintage or girly with a boyish appeal. You could say my style is pretty quirky and eclectic.

Fashion Icons..

I’ve got a dozen! But over all based on my personal style I am an Alexa Chung with a Mixtur e of Rachel Zoe and a hint of Jackie O.’s preppy elegance. But my most favorite fashion icon has to be Rhiannon Leifheit of liebemarlene vintage. She’s been my forever fashion icon but being the selfish person that I am I never share about her in the past.. and now.. I am ready to tell everyone I just adore her sense of style. She’s like my KATE MOSS.

Story behind Detail byDetails…

Bydetails was a 4 year pending idea that finally took place because of my extra time last year. Ever since 1st year college a friend of mine showed me some blogs I got hooked with. I’ve never really had the guts to make one back then since I didn’t know if I had a reason to share random stuff with everybody But then my store Detail bydetails came about and I figured I could do a blog that would compliment my store talking which would be about all the things I’m interested in such as Interior design, fashion and everything else in between (which would be some little tidbits of my life). I decided to make the blog more personal and relatable for my clients rather than just a site who talks about the items all day. I wanted something different from the rest of the online stores since it is a booming sector of the business industry and I have a lot of competition, so I decided to relate fashion to the one thing that I know not anyone can do.. Interior Design.

If you were given the choice to exchange places with someone in the past or present, fiction or non-fiction, who would it be and why?

If I were given the chance I’d definitely exchange places with the girls from the 50’s, when the groceries were some form of cool hangout and the culture involved dressing up all the time. Those were the times when you had to sew your own clothes and be creative! I love love love the fact that girls wore their full skirts just to do groceries!

If given an one way ticket to anywhere, where will it be and why?

I’d love to be somewhere in Europe, Rome or Greece maybe? Just because it’s breathtaking and it has the best architectural sites in the world. Well, next to Egypt of course.. but if it’s a one way ticket I think I won’t be able to stand the heat in Egypt.

Based from you life experiences, it could be style or whatever, what advice can you give to our readers?

On fashion:

Never go out of the house looking like crap! If you must, DO in style. —- you don’t have to look dressed up just put together somehow..

On love:

Take care of your heart, keep it strong. It’s only broken when you say it is…

On life:

The reason why people talk about you is because they want what they can’t have. If they’re not important you don’t need to waste your time on them.




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