Re-kindling an old flame…

While I was doing my preparations for my Japan trip, I got a call from an old flame. I don’t really know what to do. I was really happy with him. I thought this could be it but it kind-of ended badly.

When it comes to adventure, design and organization, sure it is such a breeze but when it comes to this like matters of the heart, it’s like I’m a child again who has no idea, totally lost.

Don’t get me wrong but it felt good hearing his voice for some reason. We did have a few good times together. I feel like I’m in this episode of Will and Grace. I feel like Grace is telling go follow your heart while Will will say use your head. And then Karen and Jack would come inside and say “We will get the boos for you, honey. Rosario! Get the VODKA and make it snappy!!”.

So far, I decided that I will focus on my career for the time being cause I have more certainty there than being in love. And I’m still young after all, I still have so many things to do before I settle down.



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