Ohaiyo Nihon….Sayonara Firipin…

Wonderful news. It has been official. I will be leaving for Japan to participate with my family’s company, Italkarat and too sell the -neilfelipp- product line to the japanese market. We will be participating in the GIFTEX show. please do click on the image below to check out the show’s website…

I’ve heard from our research it is one of the biggest or it is the biggest jewelry and home accessories trade show in Japan and it will be held in Tokyo, the most expensive city in the world. I found out the top ten most expensive cities in the world are mostly in Japan and New York is just the 29th most expensive city in the world. Wow. What a surprise…

I’m really excited to participate but the biggest challenge I will of course be facing is the language barrier. I have been practicing my Japanese for a few days with some books and the internet but I will be given additional help by one of our family friends.

I can’t believe it. I will be leaving next week already and I will be there for a week. So, I have to make sure that I grab every opportunity while I am there like checking out the night scene if I can. If you have been in Tokyo. Please do give some suggestions.

The place where I really want to go is Harajuku. It is this place where these girls dress up like in many types of styles like cosplay. If you follow Gwen Stefani, those Japanese girls that her posse are harajuku girls. If you want to know more, just the check the net especially wikipedia. It will give you further details about it.

And of course, my ultimate goal is to taste AUTHENTIC JAPANESE FOOD especially ramen. I hope I would be able to find a good ramen shop like the movie “Ramen Girl” starring Brittany Murphy, rest her soul and what a horrible lost in the industry.

But anyways, I will of course be taking pictures when I’m there because most probably that is my souvenir for everyone. laugh.




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10 responses to “Ohaiyo Nihon….Sayonara Firipin…

  1. Joseph Roc

    Hey there! It’s me Joseph from DL! That’s so cool! Until when will you be in Tokyo? I might go to Cebu around August 19-20. 🙂

  2. Joseph Roc

    Nice! Before you misunderstand. I’m not going to Tokyo. Haha. I’m looking forward to Cebu tho! I miss your lechon there! XD

    • Hehehe. who will you be staying with when you are here? 🙂

      • Joseph Roc

        More likely we’ll be staying in a hotel. I’m part of the event organizing team and secretariat of a Seminar-Workshop that will have a leg in Cebu. It’s not final tho if we’re coming to Cebu, but I’d like to and looking forward to it! 😀

      • Okidoki. Just tell me when you are over so that we can meet up. 😀

  3. yahoo yahooo good luck, nike! 🙂 enjoy! 🙂

  4. Yasmine Moeller

    nike! OMG! I LOVE TOKYO! there are ramen shops everywhere, just follow where all the people go during lunch breaks!

    I have been to Harajuko, not alot of people dress up like cosplay, but they do dress up! its fun to watch them go by, they have many stores at the sides also.

    We stayed in Ginza St., there is a lot of upclass shopping there, they even have abercrombie and fitch, if you want good buys in tokyo, go to a store called Don-K, they have everything, from second hand original bags and wallets to costumes, to sex toys,hahaha EVERYTHING! its is cheap and the choices are amazing! and go to every department store, there are a ton, and they are huge.

    Use the subway! its fun, its easy to get around but kinda pricy, like everything there is pricy, and when you eat out, dont order drinks! haha the tap water is free and so clean and they usually serve water before anything anyway. And when you are eating in a restaurant, dont give tip. Its not custom there, except for other personal services, but restaurants you dont,haha

    HAVE FUN! everyone there is so cute! they barely speak english but they will always get out of their way to help you, its so cute! And ow yeah, food is kinda expensive, its cheap for them, but not for us, so the food in those grocery stores and little convenience stores are also really good! but still, other than the ramen, japanese food is better in Cebu, from all the restaurants we visited, not as outstanding,haha

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH, YAS for the advice and the suggestions!!! I just really wish you were there with me. It would have been more fun!! 😀

      And i’m excited to see some kakoi boys there. hehehehe 😀

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