Normal to be lost…

It is normal in your life if you don’t know what you want to do especially for a product designer such as myself. I have a lot of interest in the category of design. So far, I’m developing my own jewelry line and I have recently let my family wore them to test them and it was successful from the comments that I received from them. Another would be the home accessories, there are so many new collections that I’m developing and I’m so excited once they are completed especially the La Mer Bowl which is almost nearing its completion. And finally fashion design, what a better way to rekindle that interest when I accepted the job offer in Anthill Fabrics Gallery as Creative Director.

So, let us round it all up.

1. Jewelry Design

2. Home Accessories Design

3. Fashion Design


I have been trying to analyze all this and I feel like I got all of this interest from both of my grandparents. Both of my grandmothers had this interest for fashion while my grandfathers are great metal craftsmen. So wow, creativity truly runs in the family. One of my professors once told me that design has many types of application such as product design, jewelry design, architecture, interior, fashion and many more but that is the thing, they are just applications but the concept and theory of design remains the same. So far, I believe in this. Everything that I have been doing is just different in a few ways. But I’m so happy so far that I’m able to be sharing this with you at least this way you won’t alone that you don’t what to do with your life.

But to make things even better, I want to share this music video by Baz Luhrman. Sunscreen

And pay attention to the lyrics. It has great advice



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