When I grow up, I want to be Jayden Smith…

Karate Kid was a really amazing movie. I didn’t really expect a lot from the movie because I was really happy with the old ones and I didn’t want to be disappointed but this was a really good remake. I could say that this movie was not really a remake to say but an evolution of the movie.

The movie represented lessons that you can apply today that’s why it gave me a lot of thinking. I’m planning to take Kung-Fu but instead I want to learn Arnis. It is part of my heritage as a Filipino and I want to embrace it. Hey, if you have any suggestions where I can find a good Arnis school here in Cebu. Please do tell.




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4 responses to “When I grow up, I want to be Jayden Smith…

  1. Lilan Yap

    Doce Pares. Naa man guro office sa Sto. Niño Village.

  2. zxc

    I can’t believe you’d watch Karate Kid but not Toy Story 3. oh well. You are kinda brainless so I can’t expect anything much

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