N. Profiles – Monica Gayle Alcudia

Ever since she has arrive in the University of the Philippines – Cebu, I have always have this fond her whatever she would be wearing. She gives me this essence of Corky Chic with her sense of style which I love so much.

Monica Gayle Alcudia (in her own words)
Monica Gayle Alcudia is an eccentric, wide-eyed, magpie of an Industrial Design student who has an unhealthy interest in anything vintage. She likes the colorfully kitschy, but would like to design useful products someday that would make Dieter Rams proud. Yes, she is a walking contradiction. Add music and literature to the category of interests and she’s a regular Clarissa Darling of her generation. According to Pete and Pete, she is also the girl scout of death.

Describe Your Personal Style..

Geriatric chic? The chic part is subjective. Haha. I lean towards channeling a vintage vibe with an offbeat twist for a kick. You can usually find me in skirts or tights, but not for very feminine reasons. I just have a hard time finding pants that flatter my ginormous behind and find skirts to be more forgiving and comfortable.

I have a guy friend who sums it up in two words: “swede pop“. Partly an inside joke involving Club 8, it just goes to show how twee one can get at times.

Fashion Icons…

Let’s see. Alexa Chung is a mainstay in most people’s list of fashion icons. Zany at times, but always effortless. Zooey Deschanel, you have to love her 50’s vibe and her twee pop musical stylings. Coco Chanel for modernist, menswear-inspired clothes that give me a right to dress like a little boy. In contrast, I also enjoy the crazy surrealist details of Elsa Schiaparelli‘s works. There are a lot of fashion bloggers whose styles are pretty amazing, but I really look up to Outi Pyy of Outsapop.com with her genius DIY projects. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

If you were given the choice to exchange places with someone in the past or present, fiction or non-fiction, who would it be and why?

Sumire from Murakami’s Sputnik Sweetheart; decked out in Dizzy Gillespie glasses, looking like something straight out of a Kerouac novel. Basically, I want to know where the hell she disappeared to and if she actually did run stark naked into a parallel dimension.

If you were given a one way ticket to anywhere, where will it be and why?

Gay Paris. A cliche, but the city of lights seems like a lovely place with equally lovely people. Plus, I’d like to tell my boyfriend (Henry Miller nut that he is), “Mona is back in Paris”.

Based from you life experiences, it could be style or whatever, what advice can you give to our readers?

Dress for yourself and don’t mind what other people have to say. As long as something seems interesting and appropriate enough to add on to the canvas that is your body, go ahead. I’ve gotten my share of flack for taking advantage of the no-uniform policy at UP and breaking loose with sartorial experiments. Honestly, I’d rather be dressed like a crazy, frumpy cat lady than a skank whose ovaries are peeking through daisy dukes any given day. Like the latin phrase goes, “Semper ubi sub ubi ubique”. Always wear underwear everywhere. Exactly.

There you have it.

More to come, Soon…




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6 responses to “N. Profiles – Monica Gayle Alcudia

  1. MONA!!!

    and cool calling card, nike! w000t!

  2. nope. no materials class for us na. 🙂

  3. first and second years –silang axel naa. 🙂

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