Sunday Zipline Adventure…

Sunday was truly an adventure.

Before the school would officially start for my fellow siblings, we decided to go to the Zipline near Balamban.

But of course, on the way there, we could not resist eating freshly cooked corn from the mountains and the Zipline is quite far so why not eat a little on the way there.

Recently, I have become this adrenaline junkie. If you were with me when I was a child, I would never do things like these because I had this great fear of heights.

After reading books and little bit of Yoda, I started to face my fear for I will not let fear rule my life. Remember what Yoda said, Fear leads to Pain and Pain leads to Suffering.

If you want to know more about K33 A Green Adventure, just click on the image right above. šŸ™‚

Mamita was so frustrated because she was not able to use her tiny video cam which was made for adventure like these, she decided to take the ride again and I too wanted to ride with her. Good thing is your second ride will be discounted from 200 pesos to 180 pesos. I was trying to make it to 150 but the owner was saying that it was fixed price but I was able to see his DSLR and said that we will be paying for the 180 unless you take free photos of us with his DSLR and he willingly agreed. What a perfect deal!

And if you would notice, I removed my slippers and attached them to my hands. I really wanted to feel that I was flying.

But he will still be sending his photos through my email. Yipee! How exciting! I’ll show them in another post.

So, c’mon. While the classes has just started and you are not that stress yet. Go in a little adventure like mine. It is definitely a good a way to refresh yourself…


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