N. loves Sex and City 2…

Finally, I was able to watch Sex and City 2. They have totally blown away my expectations. It was really fun. But what was so amazing was I saw a different side of Miranda in the movie. She was more bubbly, friendly and energetic compared to before.

As much as possible, I do not want to spoil anything. That is why I highly encourage that you watch the movie. The movie shows a lot of women empowerment and a wedding that I never expected to happen. This movie is definitely a must-see. So hurry off to your nearest movie theater and enjoy it with good company.

Oh yeah, another thing, if I had an apartment I would want it to be a little similar to the old apartment of Carrie. For me , it is perfect, the size, the colors and everything else. Very well done…




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3 responses to “N. loves Sex and City 2…

  1. me too! i’d love to live in Carrie’s apartment ❀

  2. You ask jaye πŸ™‚ siya man busy hehehe

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