Preview: The 15th Anniversary Issue

I hurriedly in-cash my check because the first thing I wanted to buy was of course the latest Preview Issue which I saw a few days ago. The thing is if you want to get a copy, you have to get it immediately because I saw ten copies and when I came to purchase today. There were only two left. The thing is. I choose Preview because how they present their content to their readers is like a well-thought-out story. I constantly would really go through every page and just not flip to the next page and the next.

This issue is the 15th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE. Congratulations, Preview! And what a better way to celebrate is by giving a tribute to one of most iconic fashion designers in the world, Alexander Mcqueen. A very tragic lost for the industry but he will always be remembered…

Moving along, And of course, who is better for the job as the cover but GEORGINA WILSON.

I love how Preview transform their cover stories into wild, fresh, creative and trend-setting characters. They truly are a visionary.

And you know what is even more amazing about this issue, there is PREVIEW MEN.

So, what are you waiting for, buy a Preview Issue now.

Preview you have never stop to amaze ever since you have caught my attention in the year  2006

with the cover of Lucy Torres – Gomez.

And as an ending for this post,

loves Preview…



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