A suprise get-together, Smoked kids, and Calling Cards

Before I was able to buy the latest issue of Preview, I saw one of my best colleagues in College, Kai and Jen. I can’t believe how time can move so quickly. I’m really sorry but I was not able to bring post any pictures because I left my camera. Anyhow, guys always cherish every moment that you have because you will never be able to relive that moment ever again unless you have a time machine.

And oh yeah, Kai. You were right. I had puffy cheeks before. I can still remember this day when we were taken this shoot. It was really fun…;D

After a little get-together, I walked from Ayala on my way to Infinity Printers which was in the Molave Area to get my calling card and I was able to see a group of children ahead of me and what shocked me the most was these kids were smoking especially that there was a kid almost the age 9 or younger was also smoking. I really wanted to ask why in the world would you smoke? You are just kids and even if you are older, there is no good reason why you should. It is really sad to see such things. Remember, smoking has no health benefits. It only gives you health complications.

But in happier news, here it is. The -neil felipp- calling cards. They are exactly how I wanted them to look at I got them for a very affordable price. Just simply beautiful…



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