Hello Sunshine…

What a perfect way to wake up in a beautiful day by eating good and healthy breakfast. So recently, people have noticed that I have lost a lot weight. And they always been wondering been doing. It is very simple, proper diet and exercise. When I say diet, I don’t mean you don’t deprive yourself of food. You moderate what you eat like instead of eating junk food for a snack, eat fruits. These little small things goes a long way. And besides, it says that it is junk food so obviously what you will get is junk. And if you want more tips on getting fit and healthy, then buy men’s health or women’s health magazine. They are another factor that help me to become healthier…

Oh yeah, this is what I made. I used focaccia bread from Leona’s. It is this kind of bread that has herbs inside of it. Slice some tomatoes and cucumber and put your favorite meat right on top. In my case, I used a wiener. Then finally add some cheese and a few drops of balsamic vinegar. It is very simple but it would definitely start up your day.

I was looking at DesignSponge just recently. I wish I can eat breakfast in place like this. I would definitely would want to wake up in the morning more. If you want to read more about this picture below in DesignSponge, just click on the picture.




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2 responses to “Hello Sunshine…

  1. kai

    in the first photo: did you really sleep wearing that? 😀

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