My Bacolod Weekend – Day 2 of 3

I’m sorry it is taking awhile for these post because I have busy working on the collections of the -NEIL FELIPP- brand. I’m really excited once I have been able to release the collections in preparation for the Japan Show this coming July. Wish me luck.

Anyhow, my sister and I had our complimentary breakfast but nothing extraordinary, just plain Filipino breakfast but my fellow siblings were hungry and since we didn’t have extra complimentary breakfast stubs anymore, we decided to go to Cafe Uma which was right beside the hotel. Once again, I love where this hotel is situated. It is near everything.

Our very kind waiter. I really wanted to type in his name but unfortunately he had no name tag.

I love what they did in this wall. It is very simple but it has a great contribution to the overall ambience of the Cafe. If you would look closer, these are clipping concerning about Bacolod. It shows that they truly have Pride of Place.

I love what they did with this especially with the contrast with the rectangular shape of the lamp to the tiny circular Capiz shells. For me, the greatly compliment one another.

The food was really good. We ordered these set which had salad and a sandwich. What a perfect way to start the day.

Since we still had time before we leave, we decided to explore further the hotel.

Once again, we EAT again! I gained 5 lbs from this trip when I visited the gym just recently to check on how much weight I gained but those were good 5 lbs that I eaten so no regrets…

To show that they have been in the business for 45 years, they designed their placemat with the old menu of 1965. And look at this.

How I wish this were the prices of today. I think with even 100 pesos; I can already buy a cow!

They have their own version of a Mongolian dish just like ours in Cebu which is Kublai Khan but this one is so much bigger, yummier and cheaper. Soo good especially there Mongolian sauce. Yum Yum..

I love the story behind this dessert. One of the Chefs went to Australia and watch the Australian Ballet. One of the ballerinas were so beautiful, graceful and light. He wanted to capture that essence of that ballerina and he was able to with this dessert unfortunately, I forgot what was the name of dessert..hehe

These are French Macaroons. My sister has been searching for this for awhile in Cebu but there is none but luckily I was able to find it. It is so good. Definitely, a must-try for any food lover out there…

Before we go and buy pasalubongs for the people in Cebu. We of course tour around Bacolod City. We revisited the Church where my Uncle and Auntie got married after 16 years. All I could remember is that I was the Bible Bearer and it was really heavy.

VIRGIES! If you are looking for pasalubongs from Bacolod, this is the place you should go. Would you believe that this place started as a very a small sari-sari store and now, they are huge!

I know that it looks weird but it is very yummy and tasty. I think it was called Duce Gatas. It is a product from Carabao’s milk. Very yummy. Definitely another must-try.

I just wanted to take a picture of this place because I like how it presented itself to the market, very luxurious, chic and VERY EXPENSIVE!!!

We were able to go to the Negros Showroom but I’m so sorry; I was not able to take any pictures because there was this policy wherein you can’t take pictures. darn. The more reason why you people should go and visit that place.

Just before sunset, my uncle brought us here to the Lacson Mansion. It burned many years ago but the structure was able to stay due to it’s material. It is A-Grade Concrete.

I thought that this was some kind of tower like in the movie “The Brothers Grimm” but actually it was a chimney which they use to to make sugar from the sugarcane stalks.

The owners placed their initials as part of the structure that’s why if you would closer it is an E and if you flip it, it makes the letter M.

You would be amazed at how they were able to capture this effect. The guy who was taking our pictures was really an expert. He knew how to take pictures very well. Amazing.

And of course, something wild and crazy for a change. A jump shot of the grandkids with the grandparents.

Afterwards, we went to my Auntie’s sister’s house. It was really beautiful. It had pieces from Kenneth Cobonpue. It was like this showroom house. And the door was really amazing. It had no locks at all. You have to put this thing in order to lock it just like medieval times but I’m wondering is that there should always be somebody home or else how would you get in. Right?

I missed the oysters once again because my allergy over alcoholic drinks really hit me hard. I had hypotension. I drank a glass of wine which was really good. It was from Mark & Spencers. I thought I was able to handle it but to my dismay, I wasn’t. I didn’t puke. Thank God! I didn’t puke anywhere. I decided that I will have to further moderate my alcohol intake. Oh well, it was a learning experience…

Hey readers! One more day to go.




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6 responses to “My Bacolod Weekend – Day 2 of 3

  1. Good luck sa imong collection! πŸ™‚
    very informative post, nike. lami kaayog nawong ang dessert! hahaha! πŸ™‚

  2. Jdd

    hi, may i ask sang hotel kayo nag stay? salamat!

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