Glee helps to stop the stereotyping through GAGA…

While I was in the barge heading for the port of Balamban, I was watching the latest episode of Glee. The episode was about GAGA but it was more than just that. As much as possible, I do not want to spoil anything so I’m just warning people who are reading this and haven’t watch this episode, please do…

But there was this one specific issue that affected me the most. It was the scene where Kurt redecorated the room to make Finn more at home but despite his efforts, Finn was enraged because everything was too much for him. I could definitely understand what Finn was feeling but we also have to consider that Kurt was trying to make things work. But I think the greatest highlight of that scene would be when Finn started saying that he doesn’t like this faggy thing and faggy thing that and Burt(Kurt’s father) was able to hear that. The father was shocked. Finn apologized and reasoned with him that he didn’t mean what he just said but Burt knew better because he did that before.

All in all, what the scene is trying to say is that whenever you say or when people say that is so gay or stop being so gay. You are associating that being gay is something equivalent as  that of being stupid.  Guys, if you have that mannerism, please be more sensitive because it is not easy being a gay man especially here in the Philippines. So, let us help each other to stop the stereotyping

And I was doing a little research on Jonathan Groff who is playing Jessie St. James and I realized that he was openly gay and I found this picture of him with Rachel Berry played by Lea Michele. Another thing, I find Jonathan Groff very attractive. Just wanted to share…




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2 responses to “Glee helps to stop the stereotyping through GAGA…

  1. kai

    Oh gosh, I seriously need to watch GLEE Season 1..

    Kai was here! :p

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