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Re-kindling an old flame…

While I was doing my preparations for my Japan trip, I got a call from an old flame. I don’t really know what to do. I was really happy with him. I thought this could be it but it kind-of ended badly.

When it comes to adventure, design and organization, sure it is such a breeze but when it comes to this like matters of the heart, it’s like I’m a child again who has no idea, totally lost.

Don’t get me wrong but it felt good hearing his voice for some reason. We did have a few good times together. I feel like I’m in this episode of Will and Grace. I feel like Grace is telling go follow your heart while Will will say use your head. And then Karen and Jack would come inside and say “We will get the boos for you, honey. Rosario! Get the VODKA and make it snappy!!”.

So far, I decided that I will focus on my career for the time being cause I have more certainty there than being in love. And I’m still young after all, I still have so many things to do before I settle down.



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Sneak Peak: Preview’s Best Dressed July Issue 2010

Just a little sneak peak for all of you Preview fans out there.

Gretchen Barreto will cover this coming Best Dressed July Issue 2010

Totally excited for it.



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A new home for -neilfelipp-

I would love to announce that since I have been very happy with the capabilities of, the -neilfelipp- website will now be moving to wordpress as well.



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Ohaiyo Nihon….Sayonara Firipin…

Wonderful news. It has been official. I will be leaving for Japan to participate with my family’s company, Italkarat and too sell the -neilfelipp- product line to the japanese market. We will be participating in the GIFTEX show. please do click on the image below to check out the show’s website…

I’ve heard from our research it is one of the biggest or it is the biggest jewelry and home accessories trade show in Japan and it will be held in Tokyo, the most expensive city in the world. I found out the top ten most expensive cities in the world are mostly in Japan and New York is just the 29th most expensive city in the world. Wow. What a surprise…

I’m really excited to participate but the biggest challenge I will of course be facing is the language barrier. I have been practicing my Japanese for a few days with some books and the internet but I will be given additional help by one of our family friends.

I can’t believe it. I will be leaving next week already and I will be there for a week. So, I have to make sure that I grab every opportunity while I am there like checking out the night scene if I can. If you have been in Tokyo. Please do give some suggestions.

The place where I really want to go is Harajuku. It is this place where these girls dress up like in many types of styles like cosplay. If you follow Gwen Stefani, those Japanese girls that her posse are harajuku girls. If you want to know more, just the check the net especially wikipedia. It will give you further details about it.

And of course, my ultimate goal is to taste AUTHENTIC JAPANESE FOOD especially ramen. I hope I would be able to find a good ramen shop like the movie “Ramen Girl” starring Brittany Murphy, rest her soul and what a horrible lost in the industry.

But anyways, I will of course be taking pictures when I’m there because most probably that is my souvenir for everyone. laugh.



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You win some and you lose some…

So, with the past few days I have been working with Anthill trying to get use to everything and it seems it would not work between me and them. Of course, there is nothing personal. It is just that they needed someone more full time and I can’t do that apparently because of my projects. But it doesn’t mean that I will not be affiliated with them it is just that it will be more project-based.
I want to share this moment with you because I know it is not easy to take especially moments like these in your life. Remember that there will always be rejection but what matters most is how you handle it. To be honest, I was a little hurt and disappointed but that’s normal. You move along.¬†You should not see these things as problems or grudges.
You should see them as challenges or new opportunities to do something new, constant innovation of oneself.
I don’t know why but there seems to be a problem with my wordpress…>.<

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Normal to be lost…

It is normal in your life if you don’t know what you want to do especially for a product designer such as myself. I have a lot of interest in the category of design. So far, I’m developing my own jewelry line and I have recently let my family wore them to test them and it was successful from the comments that I received from them. Another would be the home accessories, there are so many new collections that I’m developing and I’m so excited once they are completed especially the La Mer Bowl which is almost nearing its completion. And finally fashion design, what a better way to rekindle that interest when I accepted the job offer in Anthill Fabrics Gallery as Creative Director.

So, let us round it all up.

1. Jewelry Design

2. Home Accessories Design

3. Fashion Design


I have been trying to analyze all this and I feel like I got all of this interest from both of my grandparents. Both of my grandmothers had this interest for fashion while my grandfathers are great metal craftsmen. So wow, creativity truly runs in the family. One of my professors once told me that design has many types of application such as product design, jewelry design, architecture, interior, fashion and many more but that is the thing, they are just applications but the concept and theory of design remains the same. So far, I believe in this. Everything that I have been doing is just different in a few ways. But I’m so happy so far that I’m able to be sharing this with you at least this way you won’t alone that you don’t what to do with your life.

But to make things even better, I want to share this music video by Baz Luhrman. Sunscreen

And pay attention to the lyrics. It has great advice


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Waka Waka(This time for Africa)…

So, recently my anticipation is being filled by FIFA that is why I really love watching this music video of Shakira.

And everytime, I listen to it, my spirit is being lifted up.

Another thing, I just found out that in certain languages. Sharika means Thank You. Cool


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