My Bacolod Weekend – Day 1 of 3

I was so excited in our trip that I decided not to sleep so that during the whole road trip going to Bacolod; I would fall asleep in the car and the departure time was at 4:00 am so why not. Right?

If you decided to take on a road trip going to Bacolod City, it would take you an approximately 6 hours. 2 hours driving to the port of Balambam, 2 hours in the Barge to San Carlos City and finally another 2 hours driving from San Carlos City to Bacolod City.

I really wanted to show you guys the journey going there because there was this part of the mountains in Negros where two sides of the road are lined with these beautiful Pine trees which made you feel like you were in Baguio for awhile and the scenery was so pristine with a lush of green trees and farmland. In certain areas, you would see little versions of the Banawa Rice Terraces.

One of the first stop overs that we made in Negros was the Pataan Moutain Resort in Bago City. One of its main attraction is the Pataan Waterfalls. Family and I took a dip in of the pools of the falls and it was really cold but what a perfect way to cool yourself from the hot scorching summer that the Philippines has been experiencing recently.

Our second stop was the Mambukal Resort which was around 2 km away. We wanted to go there because of the Zipline. To be honest, I have been scared of heights ever since and after I started to face my fear when I took my first Zipline experience in Cebu, I realized how fun it is. I just regretted that I didn’t take those roller coaster rides in the United States. Oh well, remember guys, don’t let fear rule your life because what is life if you don’t take risks? Totally boring and filled with regret…

We visited the Butterfly garden of Mambukal so that my little cousin would enjoy too because she was too scared of the Zipline. It was really beautiful to see all of the butterflies fly around you. After doing so, we went straight to the hotel.

We stayed here in the L’ Fisher Chalet Tower. It is one of the latest expansions of the original L’ Fisher hotel where my Auntie and Uncle got married 16 years ago. I could still remember that I was the Bible bearer and it was really heavy but either way, I was happy to be part. If you want to check the hotel out. Just click on the picture and it will direct you straight to their official website.

After we settled in and a little rest, the clan visited Auntie’s parents for dinner. I’m really sorry but I was not able to take any photos because I was really hungry which led to the point of me accidentally leaving the camera in the hotel. Dinner was really good. There was this huge grilled Sea Bass that was really good. I could never forget that. It was so good. I ate so much that night because the food was so good but there is always room for dessert.

We went here for dessert, Calea. They say if Cebu has La Marea then Bacolod has Calea. The place is very tainty and dessert is good. And good thing that it was just walking distance from the hotel. This what I got was called Semi Fredo which had 2 layers of ice cream which was sandwiched by layers of cake then finally topped with Chocolate. Delish.

We, the older cousins wanted to experience a little bit of the night scene here in Bacolod. So, my cousin led us to Sorrento Mall which too was walking distance. I’m starting to love this hotel for its accessibility. We decided to get some drinks here in Pepe’s Restaurant and Bar. After finishing all our drinks, we called it a night…

Hey readers, watch out for Day 2 of my Bacolod Weekend. There is more ahead….




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2 responses to “My Bacolod Weekend – Day 1 of 3

  1. nike! gutomon man sad ta anang cake diha oy. klaro kaayo nga you had fun. 🙂
    anyway, nice photoblog for this one. 🙂

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