New Denim Shorts for Bacolod…

I’m getting ready to pack all of my stuff for my Bacolod Adventure this coming friday. I really wanted to bring some denim shorts so I decided to get some pants that I barely use anymore and turn them to shorts. They were so tight for me before but now that I’m starting to  the weight and waistline due to proper diet and exercise. Thanks to Men’s Health Magazine. With the help of a measuring tape and a good pair of scissors, I was able to make this shorts. For the time being, I’m using safety pins to let the fold stay in place but in time, I will be sewing it to make it cleaner. So this is perfect for you, readers. If you want to save on buying shorts, just find a pair of pants that you no longer wear and give it new life by turning them into shorts. This way you are totally stretching the worth of those pants.

Anyway, I couldn’t resist to take a picture of my little niece who was reading the latest Preview Magazine. She was so attentive. A little fashionista is born..




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2 responses to “New Denim Shorts for Bacolod…

  1. nike, i did the same the other night! ❤
    nice! 🙂

  2. Show me a picture Athena!!! 😀

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