Cebu Tidbits 1.0

I want to share with you my home city and why I love it so much. This is just one part of it. Let us begin with Ayala Terraces. I know that the architecture could have been done better but either way, I’m happy that they integrated nature with it and they were able to keep some of the trees. Slowly by slowly, major brands that are in Manila are starting to put branches here in Cebu like Mango, Promod, Topshop and United Colors of Benetton. I just hope that they can bring more Men’s clothing brands here in Cebu. I heard that very soon, they will begin with phase 3 to further expand the mall. Like wow. how exciting.

This is my favorite part of the mall. It is a pathway going to Marriott Hotel and I mostly take this exit going to the gym that I go to which is across. As I walk through, I raise my hand to feel the bamboo leaves brush it. These simple little things make my day. So, wherever you are, remember to find beauty in the ordinary.


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