Cebu Temple of Latter-Day Saints

After 4 years in development, The Cebu Temple of Latter-Day Saints is nearing its completion. Before the temple would be dedicated, the Latter Day Saints made the temple open to the public in order for people to know what it is like and what do they do.

I went with my relatives and our family friends who were Missionaries here in Cebu. Just to make things clear, I am Catholic. I’m happy that they placed the temple here but it is not like I’m supporting the religion or any thing but of how it made the surroundings of Barangay Lahug look so much better.

The Landscaping of the place was just the same as that you see in the United States so for a moment there, I felt like I was not in the Philippines. During the tours, I started to understand the architecture behind the temples. Majority of the temples have these spires to signify Heaven above and right on top of that spire is one of their most important Saint but I am sorry to say, I forgot the name. He faces the east to signify the renewal of the Gospel which is comparable to that of when the Sun rises for a new day.

I’m really sorry but I was not able to take any photos of the interior of the temple because it was not allowed but if you really want to see what it is like, the temple will be open to the public from May 21 through June 5, 2010.

When I was inside the temple, it was really beautiful. I thought that it would be this huge hall which is like ours in the Catholic Churches but it is divided into rooms where they create covenants and promises to the Lord. My favorite room would be the Celestial room. It is comparable to that of European Royalty. There was this huge crystal chandelier in the center of the room and ceiling was so high. The carpet was so white and it had this pattern that was individually cut. There were this two mirrors facing each other from opposite walls. I like the reason behind this. It signified eternity. Try it. Try putting two mirror facing each other and you would see that it never stops. There are constant reflections being made.

Anyway, if you want to see the temple, it is open to public from today to June 5, 201o until finally there will be a cultural celebration on June 12 and the formal dedication of the temple on June 13. So, what are you waiting for, check it out while you still can.



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